Today we’re pleased to announce an exciting partnership with the 4A’s, the national trade association representing the advertising agency business in the US, to bring its members exclusive access to customized training and education for programmatic advertising.

The 4A’s Programmatic Workshop is powered by the Real-time Advertising (RTA) Academy, developed by Quantcast as a crash course for digital marketers to help them understand the often complex language, tools and processes of the online advertising ecosystem. The workshop has been developed specially for 4A’s members with their top interests in mind and trainings will take place throughout the year through large sessions offered to groups of member agencies in key regions, as well as to individual 4A’s members via trainings held in agency offices.

If you’re not a 4A’s member, don’t worry! The RTA Academy is also available via a free online course and certification in addition to regional roadshows across the world.

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To request a 4A’s Programmatic Workshop to take place in your city, please visit the 4A’s site here.
To learn more about the Real-time Advertising Academy or upcoming events, check out or reach out directly to

About the Real-time Advertising Academy
The Real-time Advertising (RTA) Academy is an educational program for industry professionals to understand the language, tools and processes of the online advertising ecosystem. The training program was initially developed in an effort to address the knowledge gap across media buying professionals, and was delivered to a handful of agency partners and client advertisers in the US and UK. To date, the RTA Academy has trained over 3000 professionals at 200 events in 9 countries. Recognizing the widespread benefit to the industry, the RTA Academy has since expanded the program to offer an online course and certification and live workshops led by a programmatic expert at one of our regional roadshows. Learn more about Quantcast’s Real-time Advertising Academy at

About the 4A’s
The 4A’s is the catalyst for bringing together the right people in the right place at the right time to address the advertising industry’s most critical business issues. We provide leadership, advocacy, guidance and community to our members and the industry at large, with proprietary access to the people, information and tools needed to make smarter management decisions. Its mission is to help agencies become more successful. Visit the 4A’s at