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We are a global advertising technology company. We are the creators of a new and innovative intelligent audience platform that empowers brands, agencies, and publishers to know and grow their audiences, reaching people in the right place, at the right moment. Our customers thrive, and consumers benefit. Together, we are powering a free and open internet, for everyone.


How we got started

We didn’t quite start in a garage, but with a great idea. In 2006, we wanted to address the poor online advertising experience that the industry was facing. Advertising beyond search was similar to the proverbial “finding a needle in the haystack.” The major internet giants controlled data and there was no way to reach audiences with clear and relevant consumer interest data with any type of accuracy or resolution.

Our approach was to work with publishers and advertisers on assembling one of the world’s largest live data sets and use quantitative mathematical approaches–AI and machine learning–to make sense of internet consumption data. As a result, advertising and data management works better for them as well as consumers. Our aim is to level the playing field so everyone benefits from a free and open internet. And, today, the Quantcast Platform is a model for the future of advertising.

We love numbers. We are quants after all.


100+ patents

We are innovators and technologists that are constantly striving to invent and push the envelope on what is possible.

1 Million scores

Our AI and machine learning engine scores models a million times per second to predict live consumer behavior and audience characteristics.

100M+ online destinations

Web and mobile destinations that are the foundation of our live unique real-time data are all quantified with first‑party tags.

1 Trillion online signals

Our platform queries a database of a trillion online signals in under a hundred milliseconds to provide interactive, granular insights.

Consumer first, consent first We believe in trust and transparency.

We are transparent with our data privacy policies.

Committed to diversity, equality, and inclusion We believe in the power of everyone.

Quantcast is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse environment where everyone can confidently be their authentic self.

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We have a passion to democratize advertising for the open internet.

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