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Texas Travel expands brand awareness with cookieless and BVOD strategy

About the Brand Texas Travel

The Office of the Governor, Economic Development, and Tourism (Texas Travel) is responsible for promoting Texas as a premier travel destination.


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Jeff Ott

“Our partnership with Quantcast allowed us to execute a bespoke large format video experience across BVOD in ANZ. We engaged the Quantcast design studio to assemble bespoke creatives, which paired with the live in-platform brand lift technology drove an uplift in familiarity of 32%.”

Jeff Ott
Digital Director
The Media Store


With huge amounts of international travel taking place at the start of 2023 globally, the US was in the top 10 list of travel destinations visited by Australians once COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. Travel Texas saw the opportunity to raise awareness of the popular US state, and promote Texas as an ideal destination amongst travellers from Australia and New Zealand. To do this effectively, it was paramount for them to understand where Texas Travel stood in terms of brand lift and familiarity to travellers in the region. In addition, to help boost consideration and web traffic, they sought to reach audiences outside of browsers that relied on third-party cookies.


The Media Store determined that the combination of Quantcast’s Brand Lift LiveTM (BLL) and cookieless activation would be the perfect solution for their client. Leveraging a real-time stream of data derived from website pixels and survey results, Quantcast used AI and machine learning to create predictive audience models and serve ads to consumers most receptive to their messaging. The interactive creative assets were designed to stand out, engaging the Travel Texas audience across their devices in both cookieless and cookie-based environments and across BVOD channels. To get real-time insights into the impact of their campaign, the BLL study asked viewers how familiar they were with travel/vacationing in Texas after being exposed to the creatives.


Texas Travel gained an immediate advantage by finding and connecting with unique audiences, reaching 52% of the display audience in cookieless environments. The BLL study found an overall increase in familiarity, which grew by 2.6x utilizing a Quantcast-designed wrap creative (vs. the initial video). During the initial 1-2 exposures, the campaign lifted ‘I know a fair amount’ and ‘a little’ about vacationing in Texas, and after 3-4 exposures, there was an 84% lift with those who ‘knew a lot.’ Texas Travel not only succeeded at creating more awareness and consideration around their brand, but they also gained learnings to help them optimise future campaigns, especially with the deprecation of third-party cookies this year.

Key Results

  • 32% Overall lift in familiarity
  • 2.6x Familiarity lift with Quantcast-designed wrap
  • 84% Lift in ‘I know a lot’ about vacationing in Texas after 3-4 exposures

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