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Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines elevates campaign outcomes with cookieless   advertising

About the Brand Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is the world’s most awarded airline, recognised for an elevated travel experience and service excellence.


“Only 1% of the European travel audience is in-market for Singapore Airlines flights, making it difficult to reach this niche audience. With Quantcast’s cookieless solution, we’re able to more efficiently reach our most valuable audience in previously untapped environments such as Safari, resulting in increased booking volumes and better return on investment.”

Rolf Thomke
Regional Manager eCommerce and Digital Marketing, Europe
Singapore Airlines


Singapore Airlines wanted to maximize reach with international travelers and drive incremental ticket sales in core European markets. With only 1% of the European travel audience in-market for Singapore Airlines flights, they saw the potential to double their addressable audience by activating on cookieless strategies – effectively reaching the 50% of internet audiences not addressable with third-party cookies.


Singapore Airlines partnered with Quantcast to activate on their reach expansion strategy. Believing that measurement is critical to validating new areas of investment, they ran a six-month full funnel campaign to discover what uplift could be generated through a cookieless campaign. Leveraging Quantcast’s powerful technology, Singapore Airlines was able to:

  • Hone in on two key markets–UK and Germany–running parallel campaigns in cookieless and cookie-based environments.
  • Use Quantcast’s Cookieless Breakdown report to compare conversion volume, CPA, and ROAS, validating their cookieless investment.


Singapore Airlines saw remarkable sales and efficiency gains across both Germany and UK campaigns, driving 28% more revenue. And, because the Quantcast Platform delivers KPI-driven results, Singapore Airlines was able to optimize simultaneously for each market:

  • German cookieless audiences were an untapped segment, driving 40% more conversions and 2.5x better ROAS.
  • The UK also saw strong results, driving 29% more conversions at 2.2x better ROAS.

Seeing the value of cookieless in maximizing reach extension, Singapore Airlines has already expanded their Quantcast cookieless investment across the other European markets.

Highlighted Stats Incredible results with cookieless advertising

  • In cookieless environments:
    28% more revenue
  • Exceptional sales efficiency:
    2.2x+ better ROAS

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