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Royal Mail delivers ads to previously unaddressable consumers in cookieless environments

About the Brand Royal Mail

Royal Mail connects companies, customers, and communities across the UK, delivering a ‘one-price-goes-anywhere’ universal postal service to over 29 million addresses.


As the UK’s largest independent media agency, the7stars is a collaborative space for creative entrepreneurs to create unique work for their clients.

Harry Fogelman

“Quantcast enabled us to drive exceptional performance outcomes for Royal Mail, even in cookieless environments, with their easy-to-use platform.”

Harry Fogelman
Programmatic Specialist


Royal Mail, a British postal service, wanted to connect with relevant audiences to drive stamp purchases with optimal CPA efficiency.


Their agency, the7stars, partnered with Quantcast for a full performance campaign in cookie-based and cookieless environments, so Royal Mail could expand their reach by delivering ads to the 50% of internet audiences not addressable with third-party cookies. They used Quantcast’s lookalike modelling off of site pixels to find consumers similar to previous stamp converters and retargeted site visitors.


The results exceeded expectations with above average revenue and 314% return on ad spend (ROAS). The campaign was set up to optimise CPA efficiency and surpassed the goal by 80%. The dCPM also proved cost-efficient, which means Royal Mail got more impressions for the invested amount.

Key Results

  • 80% More cost-efficient CPA
  • +314% ROAS

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