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Rootz hits the jackpot with new players, winning 30% in profit

About the Brand Rootz

Rootz is a total iGaming platform, built to streamline and manage all aspects of an online casino.

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“Quantcast is our go-to partner for acquiring profitable gaming customers. Their superior customer service allows us to easily adapt to every market’s unique regulatory environment, while also maximizing performance. The return on ad spend is stellar, with the latest campaign driving 30% profit for our Wildz game.”

Melanie Hainzer
Chief Marketing Officer


In the extremely competitive iGaming industry, Rootz wanted to grow market share with Wildz, their trailblazing online casino game. While they had traditionally focused on pure performance, they sought to expand their customer base, reaching new paying customers that love the product and remain as loyal consumers. They needed a partner that could 1) excel in a cookieless environment to reach a large, missing portion of their customers on iOS, and 2) help them gain more flexibility by adjusting settings quickly and easily to meet each market’s unique regulatory compliance needs.


Leveraging Ara™, Quantcast’s AI and machine learning engine, Rootz activated a combination of lookalike audience modeling and cookieless activation, unlocking new customer prospects in untapped environments. The campaign was further segmented by market, not only allowing them to adapt to local compliance regulations, but also providing insight into the unique audience behaviors of each locality.


Combining Quantcast’s superior performance with cookieless and compliance solutions, Rootz maximized growth in a highly competitive marketplace. The campaign drove immediate returns to their bottom line, resulting in 30% profit and incorporation of these strategies as an always-on solution to stay ahead of the competition.


  • 30%

    Net Gaming Profit (NGP)

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