In today’s ever-evolving programmatic landscape, marketplace quality is a paramount concern for all parties in the Adtech ecosystem. Bad actors, brand safety concerns, and non-transparent practices all challenge the effectiveness of an ad campaign. Fortunately, industry initiatives, such as ads.txt and app-ads.txt, have emerged as powerful tools to protect both marketers and publishers. Quantcast continue to be committed to marketplace quality by supporting these initiatives and working with like-minded partners. 

  1. Combating ad fraud and ensuring brand safety

Ad fraud remains a persistent challenge for the digital advertising landscape. Fake websites, bot-generated traffic, and illegitimate ad placements siphon off advertisers’ budgets without delivering any real value. The Quantcast Platform offers legitimate supply chains through trusted supply sources and integrations of industry standards, such as  ads.txt, app-ads.txt, and sellers.json, thereby reducing the risk of potential fraud. 

Brand safety and brand suitability are critical for brands and marketers to maintain their reputations and retain consumer trust. Giving advertisers increased control over where their ads run may decrease the likelihood of their brand appearing next to inappropriate or harmful content.

  1. Transparent supply paths and spend efficiency

Advertisers seek reliability and transparency regarding the intermediaries involved in the supply chain. Ads.txt, app-ads.txt, and sellers.json encourage suppliers to identify all authorized partners and intermediaries across all of their apps and sites. Supply transparency not only helps advertisers make better informed decisions but also fosters accountability among all participants in the ecosystem.

Quantcast believes that marketplace quality can enhance the effectiveness of advertisers’ campaigns and favors like-minded supply partners who support these transparency commitments and industry standards. Therefore, advertisers can take comfort knowing their ads are served on clean inventory, which can lead to higher engagement rates and increased return on investment. 

  1. Future-proofing the ecosystem

Digital advertising is constantly changing, with new challenges and opportunities regularly emerging. Only through collective action can the adtech community ensure trust, collaboration, and fairness across the ecosystem to deliver value to marketers, publishers, and consumers alike. Therefore, Quantcast commits to follow industry best practices, including evaluation and development of IAB standards on ads.txt 1.0, ads.txt 1.1, app-ads.txt, and sellers.json. We also partner closely with our and our clients’ trusted supply partners to recommend and adhere to these guidelines. 

Quantcast remains committed to paving the way for a more trustworthy and effective ecosystem on behalf of our clients and partners. We continue to stand behind industry guidelines like ads.txt and app-ads.txt, evaluate updated standards like ads.txt 1.1, and stay vigilant  as we build for the future. 

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