Quantcast is committed to transparency, brand safety and preventing fraud within the digital ecosystem. Ensuring brands and their agencies have confidence in the inventory they are buying is central to this. The same machine learning algorithms that process billions of pieces of data to drive campaign performance have the ability to act as powerful tools in combatting unsafe domains and content.

Outside of our own technology, Quantcast supports the adoption of ads.txt. Introduced by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Tech Lab, of which Quantcast is a member, Ads.txt is a simple, flexible and secure method for publishers and distributors to publicly declare the companies they authorize to sell their digital inventory. Looking for the Ads.txt signal is another way that we’re able to help brands achieve their campaign goals in a brand-safe way.

At Quantcast, the security and peace of mind of our clients matters. We take fraud and brand safety very seriously, and therefore support industry initiatives that can help remove unqualified inventory from the supply chain.

More information about the ads.txt project can be found here.