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RSPCA drives donations with a full-funnel approach to their first CTV campaign

About the Brand RSPCA

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is the oldest animal welfare charity in the world and one of the largest in the UK, specialising in animal rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming.

About the Agency John Ayling & Associates (JAA)

John Ayling & Associates (JAA) is a media agency that backs the underdog, helping advertisers who face adversity by thinking smarter and moving faster.

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“RSPCA’s first-ever CTV campaign exceeded expectations. Quantcast’s superior audience optimization and premium CTV inventory enabled us to cost-effectively reach donors who wanted to help animals in need, maximizing our fundraising efforts.”

Rebecca Seston
Account Manager
John Ayling & Associates


The RSPCA sought to drive awareness of the diminished living conditions of animals due to the cost of living crisis. As part of a full-funnel campaign using online video and display ads, RSPCA was eager to add connected TV (CTV) into their marketing mix for the first time. Launching their “New Reality” Christmas Appeal ad, voiced by Imelda Staunton, their goal was to leverage their emotionally charged video assets to reach their core donor audience across CTV, driving maximum donations.


RSPCA’s agency, John Ayling & Associates, tapped into the power of Quantcast Interest-Based Audiences paired with CTV to deliver unique and precise reach in highly engaging video environments. They built a bespoke animal donor audience using keywords related to animals, charities, and Christmas donations, measuring campaign success against cost-efficient video views, site visitation, ad recall, and donations.


Leveraging Quantcast’s AI and machine learning engine, Ara™, RSPCA optimized to their core donor audiences at scale mid-campaign, enabling them to exceed their video engagement at a more efficient price point. This included:

  • 1.5x video completion rate (VCR) goal via optimized interest-based audiences
  • 32% more cost-effective dCPM, resulting in 100k+ additional video views

RSPCA’s campaign across channels was a resounding success with a 25% lift in ad recall and 19% lift in donation intent, tracked via a third-party study, as well as a 328% lift in site visits and 217% increase in donations, tracked via Quantcast’s Funnel Impact Report.


  • 328% lift in site visits
  • 217% increase in donations

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