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January 2023 Newsletter


Hello and welcome to 2023!

As we begin our new year, we take time for self-reflection, which comes with a quick gut check on the challenges we are faced with, so we can map a course forward. Because the truth of the matter is that with challenges come solutions and opportunity. We’re living in the golden age of advertising today and we believe the four areas below are ripe for tech-driven innovation!

01 Cookieless 1

Cookieless activation and measurement

The Challenge

More than 50% of internet audiences now are neither addressable nor measurable with third-party-cookie-based approaches. Simply put, marketers are missing over half their audience by not adopting cookieless strategies, today.

The Opportunity

Quantcast’s holistic approach to engaging cookieless audiences is already helping marketers around the world gain demonstrable results and competitive advantage by reaching these consumers in a privacy compliant way.

02 Omnichannel

Omnichannel solutions drive measurable outcomes

The Challenge

More than ever, every step in the consumer journey matters, and it has become imperative for marketers to prove their dollars are driving measurable performance.

The Opportunity

Quantcast’s omnichannel solutions drive measurable performance with the ability to identify and engage consumers across their entire journey – as well as optimize and measure impact across brand, consideration, and purchase. It’s not a funnel; it’s a flywheel.

03 Connections

Holistic campaign optimization connects strategy to outcomes

The Challenge

Marketing strategy and reporting is often siloed from the creatives, causing delays in rapid iteration and optimizations, ultimately making the outcomes of a campaign futile.

The Opportunity

A holistic campaign strategy pays dividends. We predict that in the year ahead, there will be a heightened level of collaboration between the “Creatives” and “Statisticians” at brands and agencies, with consumer insights informing the creative strategy and campaign messages as well as the media planning and activation optimizations.

04 Sustainability 1

Investment in Sustainable Adtech

The Challenge

1% of global energy consumption comes from digital advertising alone. 87% of U.S marketers believe the digital advertising industry has a responsibility to reduce carbon emissions.

The Opportunity

Sustainability will come front-and-center as a key consideration in brands’ marketing strategy and an essential priority for the tech companies powering the industry. Adtech will beat the learning curve by adopting established methodologies and retrofitting them for the advertising industry’s use-cases.

Quantcast at CES

It was a pleasure to connect with so many industry professionals at CES and to hear about the latest trends and innovations. As we look ahead to the year 2023, we are excited to continue thinking outside the box and delivering new ideas and solutions to the market. To support you in achieving success in the coming year, we have compiled a list of valuable resources.

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