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About the Agency HainesAttract

HainesAttract is an advertising agency specialising in recruitment. By combining creativity and deep expertise in the digital advertising space, HainesAttract offers a range of targeted recruitment solutions that champions brands, and connect people with opportunities.

Grace Fox Hainesattract

“Quantcast has become the heart of our strategic media planning offering. We have become extremely passionate about programmatic knowing we have Quantcast as a trusted partner consistently enabling us to deliver fantastic results. The Quantcast team constantly delivers excellent customer service and ensures we are armed with the resources and tools we need to improve our knowledge in digital advertising. Whether it’s an Interest-Based Audience or a full-funnel strategy, Quantcast makes it all smooth sailing.”

Grace Fox
Head of Operations


In an highly competitive recruitment landscape, HainesAttract found it increasingly challenging to help their clients attract the talent they need through traditional methods. A rapid transformation of the recruitment landscape in New Zealand, plus various changes in digital media also meant complex changes for HainesAttract, who observed that marketing to job candidates now takes as much thought, consideration, and technical knowledge as marketing to other consumers. This meant that HainesAttract needed to be more strategic with how they brought their solutions to market, and connect their brand clients with the right candidates. Programmatic advertising is an effective tactic that enables HainesAttract’s clients to maximize their exposure to the right candidates, but the business lacked the resources and experience to manage programmatic buying in-house.


HainesAttract chose to work with Quantcast through a managed service model. Quantcast’s powerful AI and machine learning engine, combined with its unrivaled first-party dataset allowed HainesAttract to get in front of passive candidates in contextual environments where they spend most of their time, leveraging the capabilities of the full-funnel strategy to encourage action from candidates with the highest propensity to convert, resulting in more cost-effective and efficient media buys. The insights provided through the Quantcast Platform also enabled campaigns to be optimized in real time, ensuring that each creative is seen by the right people at the right stage and time in their job-hunting journeys.


HainesAttract were able to see accelerated performance executing on every media strategy needed to fit their clients’ specific goals, including display, native, and video and social media amplification. HainesAttract can now assure their clients of:

  • Higher brand visibility ahead of competitors in a candidate-driven market
  • Access to high quality candidates across New Zealand, Australia, the US, UK, and more
Quantcast continues to act as an extension of the HainesAttract team, supplementing their in-house capabilities with programmatic knowledge that evolves with the times and tailored services that continually deliver positive and measurable outcomes.

Highlighted Stats

  • 16% Operating expenses saved
  • 40 Hours a week saved on digital advertising work

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