At Quantcast, we love playing digital matchmaker between brands and audiences. Our clients don’t need third-party cookies to understand consumer behavior, interests, and needs. Pairing first-party data with our AI and machine learning technology, we help brands find just the right consumer–in the right place at the right time–to create a love connection. 

Our clients average 75% more effective reach in the US, EMEA, and APAC regions, but our role doesn’t stop at making the initial introduction. The Quantcast Platform offers real-time analysis and AI-driven optimization of advertising campaigns, ensuring that the relationships between brands and consumers grow stronger over time. 

Here are some of our favorite Quantcast love stories (that didn’t need third-party cookies to sweeten the deal): 

  • Sky Mobile, the UK’s largest pay-TV broadcaster and telecommunications company, found that advertising in cookieless environments not only sparked more consumer interest, increasing traffic to their website by 120%, but also made more lasting connections with 3.4x incremental mobile conversions. Due to the less competitive nature of cookieless inventory on the open exchanges, this was achieved at a 59% lower cost per visit.
  • Singapore Airlines, the world’s most awarded airline, faced a narrow pool of matches with only 1% of the European travel audience in-market for their flights. By doubling their addressable audience through advertising in cookieless environments, they not only hit the mark with their niche audience but also saw remarkable sales and efficiency gains, driving 40% more conversions, 2.5x better ROAS, and 28% more revenue. 
  • Vodafone, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, needed to keep the lines of communication open, if they wanted to develop a relationship with customers. By speaking consumers’ love language with cookieless advertising, Vodafone generated 40% of their total sales, with the quality of leads markedly superior, converting at a 25% higher rate and resulting in a 20% lower cost per sale.
  • The Container Store, the leading US retailer of organizing solutions, used lookalike audience modeling to find their type. Seeking consumers with a passion for home, garden, and organization, their personalized ads in cookieless environments found their perfect match. Customers swiped right, resulting in 37% more purchases, 1.43x higher return on investment (ROI), and 4.2x more efficient CPSV.

Love may be timeless, but staying ahead in the industry requires embracing new technologies. With Quantcast as their wingman, marketers can make a move into cookieless environments with confidence. Our tried and true cookieless strategies, refined over 6,000 campaigns globally, guide brands towards their target audiences with the precision of Cupid’s bow, winning over the hearts of consumers. 

Ready to make your own consumer love connections with Quantcast’s cookieless solutions? Get started here now!