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Sky expands prospecting horizons with Quantcast cookieless solutions

About the Brand Sky Mobile

Sky is the UK’s largest pay-TV broadcaster and telecommunications company that provides television and broadband internet services. Sky Mobile launched in 2017 and offers its customers unique flexibility in their mobile plans.

About the Agency MediaCom

MediaCom is a global media agency that helps people, brands, and businesses unleash their growth potential through media.

Jake Sky Mobile

“Quantcast’s cookieless solution is transforming the digital ecosystem. Quantcast is delivering both sides of the equation – business results with incremental audience reach and incremental sales whilst putting consumer privacy at the heart of the technology.”



Sky Mobile sought to increase sales by leveraging messaging that highlighted their latest phone models, a new feature set, and value. Building on a successful prospecting campaign with Quantcast, Sky Mobile’s agency MediaCom knew they could deliver even more impact with a new strategy. Understanding that over 50% of internet audiences are not addressable with third-party cookies, they wanted to find these missing audiences and drive incremental conversions with cookieless advertising.


Looking for an easy-to-use solution with measurable results, Sky and MediaCom partnered with Quantcast for their first cookieless campaign. With a single click on the Quantcast Platform, the Sky trading team was able to:

  • Activate on cookieless inventory, reaching previously inaccessible consumers
  • Use Quantcast’s Cookieless Breakdown report to compare performance with and without third-party cookies
  • Validate, through their own deep-dive analysis, that cookieless prospecting drove incremental phone sales


The results were conclusive: advertising in cookieless environments not only drove a 120% increase in traffic to the website, but also delivered 3.4x incremental mobile conversions. Also, due to the less competitive nature of cookieless inventory on the open exchanges, this was achieved at a 59% lower cost per visit. Given these compelling results, Sky Mobile has now implemented cookieless strategies across all their products and has made it standard practice across all direct response campaigns.

Highlighted Stats

  • 3.4x incremental mobile conversions
  • 120% increased site visits
  • 59% lower cost per visit

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