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About the Brand The Container Store

The Container Store is the nation’s leading retailer of organizing solutions, custom spaces, and in-home services. It exists to transform lives through the power of organization.

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“With these campaigns, the ability to find net-new customers efficiently and cost-effectively exceeded our expectations.”

Mariana Andersen Diaz
Client Strategy Director


The Container Store wanted to find new potential customers by extending their audience reach. With their digital partner PMG, they worked with Quantcast to run their campaigns in both cookie-based and cookieless environments, so they could reach the 50% of internet audiences not addressable with third-party cookies. They wanted to run two campaigns consecutively, one optimized to site traffic and the other to conversions, to evaluate their respective effectiveness.


The Container Store used cookie-based and cookieless inventory, prospecting off of all site events and the purchase confirmation pixel to find new customers to convert online. Using Quantcast’s lookalike audience modeling, they found consumers similar to users already visiting their website. With this real-time data, they gained insights into their converting audience, learning that those interested in home and garden tend to buy home organization products 1.9x more often than the average American.


With the ability to optimize to the right audience, these campaigns drove incremental customers to The Container Store at a significantly lower cost. Quantcast’s cookieless solution provided them with the opportunity to reach previously untapped audiences, resulting in:

  • 37% more purchases
  • 1.43x higher return on investment (ROI)
  • 4.2x more efficient CPSV
The efficiency of the campaign has resulted in continued investment in Quantcast as part of the client’s key prospecting initiatives.

Highlighted Stats

  • 1.34x Lower than CPA goal
  • 1.43x Higher ROI in cookieless environments
  • 4.2x More efficient CPSV in cookieless environments

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