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Simyo reaches younger, tech-savvy audience with Quantcast’s CTV solution

About the Brand Simyo

Simyo is a European fiber and mobile phone operator with a fair and transparent pricing system, resulting in high customer satisfaction.

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“Running CTV via the Quantcast Platform is very user-friendly and insightful, taking minimal time to set up. Because it is done programmatically, you have control and direct insights into your campaign. CTV is a great way to extend our digital presence and gives us the opportunity to be visible on a TV screen with smaller budgets compared to linear TV. With linear TV’s decreasing presence amongst the younger audience, CTV is a great solution to reach this audience.”



Simyo, a European fiber and mobile phone operator, wanted to create awareness around their Black Friday deals with a younger, tech-savvy, gamer audience. Their agency, Today’s Milk, recognised an opportunity to reach this audience where they are most engaged: on connected TV (CTV). With people increasingly streaming entertainment in the Netherlands, Simyo was eager to deliver high-impact digital advertising to TV viewers with accuracy and scale.


Simyo ran one of the first programmatic CTV campaigns in the Netherlands with Quantcast. Tapping into Quantcast’s real-time data, AI technology, premium supply curation, actionable insights, and measurement capabilities, Simyo was able to understand consumer behaviour in a new and unique way, leveraging cross-channel insights to reach consumers and to measure campaign effectiveness across the customer journey. Starting with a smaller campaign, then optimising and expanding based on these real-time learnings, Simyo maximised impact on their desired audience with controlled frequency.


Simyo’s successful campaign exceeded KPIs. With a campaign run on smart TVs and televisions connected to streaming devices and gaming consoles, Simyo connected with highly engaged audiences via both broadly appealing and niche channels, while gaining more control over where their ads appeared, on a smaller budget than one would need for a linear TV campaign. Quantcast’s premium, custom inventory enabled them to generate incremental reach, including hard-to-find cord-cutting and cord-never consumers.

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