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The Total Economic Impact™ of the Quantcast Platform Get Top Performance and Productivity Gains with the Quantcast Platform

Not only has advertising become increasingly complex and time-intensive, but with the upcoming deprecation of the third party cookie there are even more challenges for digital marketers.

“Quantcast delivers a strategic edge and preparedness for the future amid changes in the digital marketing space,” per the Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Quantcast. The study revealed that when compared to traditional DSPs, the Quantcast Platform offered:

  • 44% increase in conversions: An increase in conversion rate translates to increased sales and profits.

  • Time savings of 50%: The Quantcast Platform is intuitive, easy to use, and halves the time spent by digital media team traders on planning, activation, campaign management, and reporting tasks.

This Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting evaluates the financial and business impact for customers who are using the Quantcast Platform for their advertising and marketing initiatives. Download the study to learn about the potential benefits for your organization.

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    Tei Report Testimonial 4
    “[Quantcast] puts a lot of emphasis on not compromising customer PIIs (personal identifiable information) and operating in the cookieless world…”
    Growth marketing manager, paid acquisition
    financial services brand
    Tei Report Testimonial 2
    “Quantcast is our top performer”
    Associate Director
    Media Brand
    Tei Report Testimonial 1
    “Quantcast is very easy to use, it’s very intuitive, and it means that we’ve saved quite a bit of time.”
    Associate Director
    Media Brand
    Tei Report Testimonial 3
    “Good results make for happy clients.”
    Performance media marketing manager

    Forrester’s Lead Analyst in her deep dive of the TEI Study

    Hear directly from Forrester’s Lead Analyst, Molly Firth, about the study’s findings and methodology.