Your audience changes daily. So should your advertising.

Quantcast solutions for brands

How the Quantcast Platform empowers brands

Say goodbye to stale data and hello to
real-time data.
Stay on the pulse of
ever-changing consumer behavior.
Plan, activate, and measure in just a few steps.
Bring your brand advertising to life with ease and precision in a single audience platform.
Leverage the power
of AI to deliver performance at scale.
Beat your marketing KPIs at scale to drive growth.
Get interactive granular insights in seconds, not hours.
Experiment as fast as you can think to get smarter.

The Proof is in the Numbers


online destinations are the foundation of our dataset


average overachievement of client-defined campaign goals

< 3 min

on average to create a campaign

An easy and effective unified platform

Craft rich audience stories.

Get real-time insights on browsing interests, purchase behaviors, domain affinity, occupations, devices, demographics, and more, in a matter of seconds. Size the potential reach for multiple audiences simultaneously.

Reach high-value customers with precision, at scale.

Surgically reach audiences at every stage of the funnel. Spend less time on tactics, and more time on strategy.

Get the full picture of the audience journey.

Build custom reports to make data-backed decisions using highly intuitive and interactive insights.

Experiment easily and limitlessly.

Test new audiences, creatives, messaging, and other campaign strategies. Create an ongoing feedback loop to drive marketing innovation.

Deliver perfectly timed and uniquely relevant advertising for brands

Audience Intelligence

Power your marketing with real-time audience insights.

Campaign Management

Beat your marketing KPIs. Leverage the power of AI and machine learning engines to drive performance at scale.

Campaign Intelligence

Interactive insights in seconds, not hours. Experiment faster and make smarter marketing decisions.

Supply Curation

With Quantcast Connect you can holistically plan and validate audiences across your existing supply as well as publisher curated segments to maximize reach.


Expand your audience reach with Connected TV ads.

Lift Studies

Access in-product reports such as Brand Lift or Incrementality Lift to measure the impact of advertising across the funnel.

Discover how Quantcast works

We are taking an entirely new approach to advertising on the open internet.

Customers are our passion

“We now optimize towards an event and let the algorithm do its thing. This allows us to focus more of our time on creative messaging strategy as well as partner development.”
Sagar Budhrani
Senior Marketing Acquisition Manager
“The performance on the Quantcast platform has exceeded our expectations, helping us find new customers and re-engage previous customers while meeting our KPIs.”
“Quantcast’s unique real-time data and machine learning has been invaluable in helping us identify and validate new, high lifetime value audiences that we weren’t previously aware of. The global nature of its data has helped us detect opportunities in new markets which has accelerated our international growth.”

Manage your own advertising campaign or have us do it for you

Whether you want to run your own campaigns or have them fully managed by our expert account team, we’re here to support you. Get in touch to learn about our different service options to fit your needs.

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