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APAC Advertising State of Play Report 2023 Where the APAC advertising industry is headed in the accelerated digital future

The global media industry is currently undergoing a multitude of changes. As we emerge from the post-pandemic recovery, battle challenging economic times, and deal with evolving consumer privacy laws, the accelerating digital future is unchartered territory for businesses large and small.

And with internet users breaking records in hours spent online, new milestones in AI adoption, and significant changes in advertising attitudes, business is anything but usual this year in digital media.

To uncover where the industry is headed, Quantcast conducted an online survey in late 2022, which generated responses from almost 480 marketing and advertising professionals from key regions around the world, including the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia.

This report focuses on insights from Asia Pacific (APAC), and explores:

  • where the future of digital advertising is headed in 2023 and beyond
  • what challenges and opportunities lie ahead for advertisers & publishers
  • where advertisers in the region are planning media investments
  • what barriers stand in the way of programmatic adoption and success, and more
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