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Miléade promotes holiday stays with cost-effective cross-channel campaign

About the Brand Miléade

Miléade offers more than 30 hotel clubs and holiday villages in France, with the promise of the best value for money, whether you prefer the sea, mountains, countryside, or snow


Miléade sought to boost acquisition and awareness of their new brand that promises the best value for money by promoting their all-inclusive holidays for the whole family in the most beautiful regions of France. Recognizing that connected TV (CTV) would allow the best possible showcasing of their creative on the biggest screen in the home, they wanted to seize that opportunity to optimize the digital customer journey. Miléade’s objective was to maximize views of their video ads via both CTV and display to fuel their performance campaign.


Joining forces with Quantcast, Miléade was able to create custom audiences: French families during school holidays with children up to 17 years old, including couples with young children (outside school holidays), and older couples who travel together. Quantcast applied look-alike targeting based on Miléade’s converters. Delivering ads to specific audiences on CTV, they sparked awareness and interest with high-impact video, then retargeted them with display ads to drive conversions.


Miléade significantly exceeded their goal, achieving 1100% return on ad spend (ROAS). Frequency was optimised to avoid overexposure and maximise reach. All of this was achieved with a CPM at the lower range of the pre-campaign estimate, which enabled Quantcast to further expand Miléade’s reach.

In tandem with the CTV activity, Miléade ran a lower-funnel performance campaign to drive conversions. Quantcast found that 30-44 year-olds resulted in the strongest performance but 65+ also performed well, indicating that intergenerational families are an important market for Mileade.

The performance flight had an extremely short time to convert with 60% of conversions happening within a day of the last touch. It was clear that the full funnel strategy was working with the CTV warming up prospects who were much more easily converted with the final push from the prospecting activity.

Highlighted Stats

  • 1100% ROAS
  • 60% conversions on same day as last touch

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