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People’s Postcode Lottery picks a winning advertising strategy

About the Brand People’s Postcode Lottery

People’s Postcode Lottery is a subscription lottery that has raised more than £1.1 billion for charities and good causes.

About the Agency the7stars

As the UK’s largest independent media agency, the7stars is a collaborative space for creative entrepreneurs to create unique work for their clients.

Esme 7stars

“We gained real-time validation that engaging our audience from brand to performance significantly increased our visitation and conversion rates.”

Esme Wood
Senior Programmatic Director


People’s Postcode Lottery (PPL) sought to sell tickets for their subscription lottery that awards daily prizes to players while raising money for charity causes. Recognizing that consideration is key to driving their sales outcome, PPL wanted to drive sign-up for their monthly drawing by building video into their campaign. To maximize their outcome, they needed to reach the consumers most likely to be interested in playing their lottery.


PPL and their agency the7stars partnered with Quantcast to combine brand and direct response (DR) advertising strategies to drive consideration as well as performance. Using Quantcast’s interest-based audience modeling, PPL found the most relevant audience for their “summer of FOMO” video ad, which encouraged potential players not to miss out on the chance to win prizes while helping out charitable causes. They then utilized Quantcast’s performance modeling from on-site data to find their ideal audience, and expanded their reach within their display campaign by advertising in both cookie-based and cookieless environments.


Quantcast’s full-funnel overlap report showed the huge success of the campaign. For users exposed to both brand and DR advertising, the combined strategy resulted in a 75% increase in site visitation and 204% increase in conversions. The average engagement with the online video exceeded their goal by 9%. The campaign also delivered a 44% more efficient cost per action (CPA) than planned.

Highlighted Stats

  • 75% increase in site visitation
  • 204% increase in conversion rate
  • 44% more efficient CPA

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