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Denver Health

Denver Health benefits from boost in brand lift

About the Brand Denver Health

Denver Health, founded in 1860, is a comprehensive, integrated health care system that proudly provides care for all residents.


Denver Health wanted to effectively reach new patients with health insurance to help fund their outreach programs and not-for-profit services. As Colorado’s primary safety-net institution, Denver Health provides $100M+ in uncompensated care each year to the uninsured and homeless, making positive brand association with insured patients even more critical. Denver Health not only wanted to drive awareness of their services to paying customers, but also wanted to understand which benefits were resonating most with customers.


Denver Health combined the power of Quantcast’s real-time relevant audiences with real-time brand lift. With Quantcast’s Interest-Based Audiences (IBA), Denver Health reached two key patient personas: new residents who had recently moved to Denver, and women eligible for a mammogram. To measure lift in brand awareness, they leveraged Brand Lift Live by Quantcast™, asking the question: “Which of the following benefits of Denver Health have you heard of?” With the survey results, they gained actionable insight into the benefits driving the greatest awareness lift, including their mission to provide care to everyone, full-service locations, convenient locations, and online appointment scheduling.


Denver Health drove significant brand lift across the board, including:

  • Increase in Positive Association with Benefits – 28% overall lift in benefits awareness
  • Increase in New Patient Awareness – 33% lift with patients previously unaware of any benefits
  • Actionable Insights into Top Benefits – Brand Lift Live by Quantcast™ highlighted that full-service locations and online appointment scheduling were the top consumer benefits, at 76% and 57% lift, respectively
  • Audience Insights – Discovered their most receptive audience was age 40+ with no kids in the household

Highlighted Stats

  • Increase in Brand Awareness
    28% overall lift in benefits awareness
  • Brand Lift
    33% lift with patients previously unaware of any benefits

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