Quantcast Audience Intelligence Interactive audience insights in seconds, not hours.

Stay on the pulse of ever-changing consumer behavior

Get interactive audience insights in seconds, not hours
Experiment, research, learn, and develop intelligent media strategies.
Access unique real-time data from 100M+ online destinations
Plan with higher precision and adapt to ever-changing audience behavior.
Plan, activate, and measure within a single platform
Easily turn audience targets into campaign targets.

Craft rich stories with in‑depth audience insights

  • Research real-time consumer insights on browsing interests (powered by Ara TopicMap), purchase behaviors, domain affinity, occupations, devices, demographics, and more.

  • Uncover unique details about current customers and discover valuable new audiences, all in one platform.

  • Compare multiple audiences side-by-side, inform cross-channel planning, and tailor creative messaging.


View audience size and overlap to determine the right investment level

  • Forecast reach to allocate budget effectively across audiences.

  • View audience overlap to maximize unique reach and minimize wasted spend.


Create and activate custom audiences to reach the most relevant targets

  • Build custom audiences based on any topic or interest to reach the most relevant targets in just a few steps. Ara TopicMap is a multidimensional analysis of content on the open internet that helps you get insight into audience behavior, interest, and intent.

  • Activate without ever leaving the platform and maintain audience fidelity when delivering against planned audiences.

Customers are our passion

“The audiences tab has provided strong insights for us to begin optimising our campaigns – introducing new audiences into the campaign.”
James Roddan
Senior Account Executive
“We’ve used audience insights from Quantcast to create audiences on Facebook by looking at indices of audiences that were likely to purchase and visit certain stores. This approach helped drive more performance than expected.”
Maura Gaylord
Account Manager
“Our client loves the Quantcast platform as a planning tool outside of display. We can determine what percent of the audience is present on different platforms, which helps open up clients to new opportunities outside of traditional display such as CTV.”
Michael Kowalski
Channel Manager, Digital

“We can use this platform for multi-channel planning. The insights were spot on and would form the part of planning process for future campaigns.”
Nadia Forster
Account Manager


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