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Intesa Sanpaolo banks on cookieless advertising to gain more customers at a quarter the cost

About the Brand Intesa Sanpaolo

Intesa Sanpaolo is Italy’s largest bank, servicing its 13.6 million customers through a network of around 3,700 branches.

About the Agency Wavemaker

Wavemaker is the second largest media agency network in the world and a subsidiary of WPP’s GroupM.

Guido Ghio Digital Marketing And Advertising

“Wavemaker’s strategic guidance has been invaluable in understanding the potential of cookieless environments, partnering with Quantcast to transform these untapped audiences and inventory into real business opportunities. Thanks to Quantcast’s proprietary cookieless solution, we have reached new customers in a digital environment free of third-party cookies.”

Guido Ghio
Head of Digital Marketing & Advertising Unit,
Intesa Sanaolo


As Italy’s leading digital bank, Intesa Sanpaolo aimed to maintain market share and grow their consumer base in an increasingly competitive environment. They set out to triple digital sales by 2023. Core to this strategy was not only identifying and reaching new prospects, but also increasing engagement with existing customers. Seeing the deprecation of the cookie not only as a risk but also an opportunity for growth, they asked their partner agency, Wavemaker, to help test cookieless environments.


With just one click in the Quantcast Platform, Wavemaker activated on cookieless inventory to expand their campaigns to reach previously inaccessible audiences. To measure this investment, they first looked at the Cookieless Breakdown Report, which provides campaign delivery metrics such as spend, impressions, uniques, clicks and conversions in environments with and without third-party cookies. They also implemented an A/B test approach to compare a traditional campaign using third-party cookies with a campaign delivered 100% on cookieless audiences.


Intesa Sanpaolo saw immediate efficiency returns on their cookieless campaign, capturing leads at a quarter the cost. Cookieless environments also allowed them to reach previously inaccessible audiences, providing them with 49% incremental reach. This not only allowed them to test their digital strategy in a post-cookie world, but also drive better results and acquire more customers today.


  • 28%

    lower cost per lead

  • 49%
    incremental Reach

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