Ara® TopicMap Capture consumer intent with a topic map of the open internet

Ara TopicMap makes sense of the open internet

Ara TopicMap gathers and analyzes content from a billion URLs in real time to build a multi-dimensional, highly expressive topic map of the open internet.
Real-time categorization
Ara TopicMap uses deep learning-based natural language processing and machine learning to build an accurate picture of online content and context.
Post-cookie relevance
Ara TopicMap uses highly expressive contextual signals–along with multiple other signals–to provide unique insight into user behavior, interest, and intent, independent of third-party cookies.

Multi-dimensional, highly expressive Ara TopicMap

Precisely reach your desired audience

Capture consumer intent accurately

  • High-dimensional Ara TopicMap provides highly expressive contextual signals

  • More nuanced classification than pre-defined taxonomies that are prone to miscategorization

  • Highly expressive contextual signals deeply integrated with our predictive models drive superior campaign outcomes

Build and reach custom audiences

  • Use a custom list of words or phrases to focus on specific interests and precisely reach your desired audiences

  • Compare and contrast different audience segments based on their content interests

  • See what other content your desired audience is interested in

How Ara TopicMap works

Quantcast TopicMap

Uncover and understand new audiences

Precisely reach your desired audience
Choose from a list of over 150 predefined interest categories built from Ara TopicMap to precisely reach your desired audience.
Create unique consumer interest categories
Use a custom list of words or phrases to focus on consumer interest, passions, and intent and build and activate audiences tailored to your needs.
Quantcast TopicMap Actionable Insights
Get actionable audience insights in seconds
Eliminate the guesswork in campaign planning by getting interactive and intuitive insights about the topics of interest for your desired audiences.

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