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Yokohama Tire drives efficient performance with cookieless advertising

About the Brand Yokohama

Yokohama, an industry leader in technology and innovation, has been dedicated to the advancement of tire design and development since 1917.


Charts+Darts is an independent full-service agency born and bred to execute big ideas that hit the mark.

Riley Mackey

“Yokohama and Charts+Darts rely on Quantcast for their robust audience insights, superior performance, and quick turnaround for any solutions, including creative assets.”

Riley Mackey
Associate Media Director


As part of their continuous objective to reach in-market tire shoppers, Yokohama Tire wanted to find new ways to improve upon efficiency and drive down cost per action (CPA). The ultimate goal was to get consumers to engage with the website, exploring tire options, and consider Yokohama for their upcoming tire purchase.


Yokohama and their agency Charts+Darts decided it was time to run their first cookieless campaign to reach untapped audiences in previously inaccessible environments. Prospecting off of site-conversion pixels, Quantcast used lookalike audience modeling to find consumers similar to those already visiting their website who were seeking tires that will make a statement.


Advertising in both cookieless and cookie-based environments, Yokohama achieved their most efficient quarter yet with their CPA decreasing 34% quarter over quarter and 61% year over year. Quantcast’s Cookieless Breakdown report, comparing performance with and without third-party cookies, measured their CPA as 46% lower and their reach as 1.8x higher. According to a Cuebiq foot traffic study, the addition of cookieless advertising had a significantly positive impact with a 356% lift in incremental projected in-store visits and 55% decrease in cost per incremental visit.

Key Results

  • 2x audience reach with cookieless enabled
  • 46% lower CPA
  • 55% decrease in cost per incremental visit

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