Beat your marketing KPIs Leverage the power of AI to drive performance at scale.

Fill the entire marketing funnel to grow your business

Reach custom audiences relevant to your brand

Create customer cohorts based on their interests, passions, and intent – all inferred by analyzing their online content consumption. Estimate potential audience size to maximize scale.

Go beyond a frequency cap and set a frequency target

Set a desired frequency amount to reach your audience the right number of times and minimize wasted spend.

Deliver the optimal mix of prospecting and retargeting

Leverage our Full Performance capability which dynamically allocates impressions between new and returning customers to drive higher ROAS.

Free up time to test and learn easily and limitlessly

Leverage Ara® for autonomous campaign execution.

Ara, our AI and machine learning engine, observes real-time audience behaviors and analyzes live campaign performance to drive optimal results for every impression.

Forecast performance.

Input budgets, formats, and inventory, all based on your campaign-specific data to maximize outcomes.

Limitless experimentation is possible.

A/B test different hypotheses to execute a test-and-learn approach and identify new growth opportunities.

Customers are our passion

“The CPAs are outrageously low and are the lowest we have ever seen.”
Nadia Forster
Account Manager
“You’re outperforming managed service and other vendors by 300%.”
Adam Ansoff
Account Manager
“With other platforms, I make manual optimizations which is a longer process. Quantcast’s automation gives me more opportunities to delve into the insights and spend more time sharing learnings with the client.”
Michael Kowalski
Channel Manager, Digital

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