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GUIDE 5 Tips for Cookieless Activation

5 Tips for Cookieless Activation

Many advertisers today are missing the opportunity to reach over 50% of their audience because of their reliance on third-party cookies. This is having many downstream effects, not only on campaign performance but also on the future of the open web.

It’s time for all brands to adopt cookieless solutions and not rely on big tech to solve the problem. Here are 5 steps to future-proof your digital marketing to make sure that you reach your audience and drive measurable outcomes across the open web.

Here’s how to get started now:

  1. Assess your readiness: Look at how audience data signal loss is already affecting your ability to advertise effectively, specifically how many (or little) impressions you are delivering programmatically in cookieless environments today.

  2. Reassess your ad tech partners: Ask how they are currently reaching and engaging audiences whose browsers don’t support third-party cookies, how they are measuring campaign performance, and what kind of results they have achieved.

  3. Leverage all data signals: Work with a partner that is not dependent on stale, third-party cookies. A multi-signal approach is ideal, so look for an ad platform that can ingest and process all available data signals (contextual, first-party, cohorts, identifiers, and more) for scale and accuracy.

  4. Activate AI: Choose a next-generation DSP that uses AI and machine learning to help make sense of all these signals, analyzing real-time audience behavior patterns and creating predictive models to find and reach the ideal audience for each campaign.

  5. Measure the impact: Start running cookieless campaigns and evaluate the outcomes. By comparing spend, impressions, uniques, clicks, and conversions on inventory with and without cookies, you can gain insight into performance impact and optimize campaigns to maximize results.

    If you want to learn more and get started, we are ready to help.

    Quantcast’s cookieless solution

    Since mid-2021, Quantcast has offered innovative, multi-signal solutions for activation and measurement in cookieless environments. Having supported 900+ advertisers in running over 5,000 campaigns globally, we are well-positioned to guide marketers into the cookieless world of advertising. Our unique platform, named a “next-generation DSP 2.0” in Forrester’s TEI Study, delivers a 44% increase in customer conversions.

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