On-demand Webinar Solving the Addressability Gap with AI

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On-demand Webinar AdWeek Outlook: Leveraging AI to Solve the Addressability Gap

Watch Konrad Feldman’s insightful presentation from AdWeek Outlook, where he discusses overcoming the addressability gap in advertising. Discover the crucial role of advanced technology and a universally accessible internet in adapting to our dynamic marketing landscape.

Gain insights on how advertisers can bridge this gap by embracing innovative technologies and fostering an open internet environment, ensuring growth and accessibility for all in our ever-evolving marketing ecosystem. Watch the video now for these essential strategies.

You’ll learn:
How to close the addressability gap
Ways to embrace the cookieless future with us and gain a competitive edge
Tactics and next-generation technology advertisers must adopt to flourish in our evolving marketing ecosystem


Speaker Konrad Feldman Co-Founder and CEO, Quantcast