Let’s get together. Join us at these conferences, shows and other events or access on-demand content from past Quantcast sessions.

Upcoming Events

IAB ALM 2022 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting February 7-11, 2022 | US, Virtual

The 2022 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting (ALM) will take place February 7-10, convening leaders from across the entire ecosystem for a mix of virtual and in-person programming and experiences designed to set the agenda for the year to come. Konrad Feldman, Quantcast CEO, will be participating in an executive keynote panel on the future of identity and how that plays into powering a free and open internet which is consumer-centric and privacy-first, while still allowing the industry to thrive.

SXSW SXSW® Conference & Festivals March 11-20, 2022 | Austin, Texas

The SXSW® Conference & Festivals celebrate the convergence of the tech, film, and music industries. Located deep in the heart of Austin, Texas, SXSW is the premier destination for discovery.

From March 11-20, experience unparalleled discovery, learning, professional development, and networking with creatives from around the world.” Join Somer Simpson, VP of Product at Quantcast, Damian Benders, General Manager at B Code Media and Gonzalo Del Fa, President at GroupM Multicultural for a session on Powering Diverse and Multicultural Voices. The panel will explore the role marketers and publishers play on the open internet and how they can harness their power to influence brand accountability, drive more diverse content offerings and support minority and women-owned and operated organizations.

Adweek Advance Cookieless Webinar

ADVERTISING WEEK The Cookie is Crumbling. Are You Ready? January 27, 2022 / 10am PST / 1pm EST

The countdown to Google’s deprecation of the third-party cookie is on. This impending shift has been greeted with apprehension by many. But with change comes an undeniable opportunity to invest in multiple approaches to understand audiences, value advertising and measure results. So as the cookie crumbles, join us and Advertising Week to learn how you can embrace innovation and enter the next chapter of advertising on the open internet. It is time to get ready now.

Previous Events


CES CES 2022 January 5-8, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV

CES 2022 is returning to Las Vegas for a live, in-person event. Over 1,900 companies including major brands, start-ups, and thought leaders will be in Las Vegas, January 5th-8th. Tech has never been more important in our lives and CES 2022 will hopefully bring the industry back together to experience the next generation of innovation.


LVIMA LVIMA Back to the Future Event December 9, 2021 | Las Vegas, NV

We’re proud to be a partner of LVIMA (Las Vegas Innovation Marketing Association), bringing together Las Vegas brands, agencies, technology providers, and publishers since 2004.

Quantcast is committed to partnering with organizations like LVIMA to share data, insights, and our latest technology to support the local communities’ work in-market.

Webinar Making Sense of the Open Internet November 17, 2021 at 9 am PDT / 12 pm EDT

Watch the recording now for a walk-through of how Ara TopicMap powers our platform.

IAB IAB Brand Disruption Summit 2021 November 8-10, 2021 | US, Virtual

IAB Brand Disruption Summit 2021 highlights today’s rising industries — the first movers, fast builders and ceaseless innovators who are creating new products and services and finding new and more sophisticated ways to reach and engage consumers.

View the recording now of Min-Jae Lee, Chief Privacy Officer, as she hosts a breakout session on Prioritizing Privacy to Enhance Consumer Experiences and Increase Brand Trust.

The 3% Movement The 3% Conference – A Decade of Difference November 2-3, 2021 | US, Hybrid

3% hosts A Decade of Difference, two days dedicated to a reflection and celebration of the progress made by our phenomenal community of change makers—and the sometimes hard lessons we’ve learned along the way.

Watch the recording now of Somer Simpson, VP of Product at Quantcast, discuss Act Now, Apologize Later: How to Make it as a Woman in Tech. Somer conveys her experience to encourage other women to create their own opportunities, be tenacious and outspoken, and leverage camaraderie and cooperation to achieve their career goals.

IAB IAB Sweden Programmatic Event 27 October, 2021 | Sweden

The IAB Sweden Programmatic Event brings leading industry speakers together to discuss the state of and trends in programmatic advertising.

Watch Quantcast CEO Konrad Feldman deliver a keynote on the open internet 2.0 (start time – 3:02:00).

Quantcast Connect

Webinar How to Activate Audience and Supply Connections October 27, 2021 at 9 am PDT / 12 pm EDT

Watch the recording now for a hands-on walk-through of Quantcast Connect on the Quantcast Platform.

Brand Innovators Brand Innovators: Marketing Leadership Summit New York October 19-22, 2021 | US, Hybrid

Watch the recording now of Taylor Corr, Head of Corporate Sales at Quantcast, moderate a fireside chat with Jackie Gagne, SVP Multicultural Marketing at HBO Max + HBO.

Festival of Marketing Festival of Marketing: Powering Growth October 18-21, 2021 | UK, Hybrid

The Festival of Marketing is a unique virtual experience where ambitious marketers can discover, learn, celebrate and shape the future together.

Watch the recording now of Quantcast CEO Konrad Feldman deliver the rallying cry for the open internet.

Advertising Week Advertising Week New York 2021 October 18-21, 2021 | US, Hybrid

Advertising Week 2021 is all about now. Celebrating our newfound ability to reconnect in the home of our industry, we’ll gather in New York and digitally around the globe for four days of insight, inspiration, and rejuvenation.

Watch the recording now of Konrad Feldman, Quantcast CEO, discuss how the advertising industry can promote a truly vibrant open internet – the most powerful mechanism for free expression the world has ever seen.

Cookieless advertising

Webinar Unlock Cookieless Environments with the Quantcast Platform October 14, 2021 | US, Virtual

To learn more about the rapidly changing advertising landscape on the open internet, register now to view the recording.

Brand Innovators Brand Innovators: Consumer Engagement October 7, 2021 | Virtual

Leah McClish Jones, Regional Account Director at Quantcast moderates a fireside chat with Casey Terrell, Sr. Director of Marketing at Schlotzky’s.

CMA CMA Media September 30, 2021 | Canada, Virtual

CMAmedia brings together agencies, media suppliers and content specialists to cover the latest in media innovation and entertainment. They recognize the increasing and innovative role media plays in the marketing mix and you will hear from the leaders responsible for the selection and placement of breakthrough media programs.

Quantcast is a corporate sponsor and participates as a panel member. View the recording now.

Quantcast Quantcast Virtual NOVA
September 14, 2021 | NA Region
September 15, 2021 | EMEA Region
September 16, 2021 | APAC Region

The state of the advertising industry is evolving at a rapid rate. At our recent Virtual Nova event we discussed the changes, challenges, and opportunities for the future of advertising and showcased new and innovative capabilities in the Quantcast Platform. Top industry experts also joined the conversation to discuss their experiences and insights that have helped them gain a competitive advantage and thrive. After all, advertising has always been about connecting with the customer at the right place, at the right time, with the right message.

Brand Innovators Brand Innovators: Women in Marketing September 9, 2021 | US, Virtual

Watch the recording now of Angelique Zobitz as she moderates a fireside chat with the Head of Marketing, Sr. Director of Sweetgreen, Nicole Dixon.

Brand Innovators Brand Innovators: Future of Personalization August 19, 2021 | US, Virtual

Sarah Shaikh, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Quantcast, moderated a livecast on “Future of Personalization” with marketing leaders from Marriott International, Liquid Death, and Wells Fargo. View the recording now to learn more.

Brand Innovators Brand Innovators: Future of Media – New & Emerging Channels August 4, 2021 | US, Virtual

Deanna Fay, Head of Business Development at Quantcast, moderates a livecast on “Future of Media – New & Emerging Channels” with Dina Fierro, Vice President, Global Digital Strategy + Social Engagement at NARS Cosmetics. View the recording now to learn more.

iMedia iMedia Brands Summit New Zealand 26-28 July, 2021 | New Zealand

iMedia Brand Summit New Zealand is a unique, unparalleled, invitation-only experience for brands to have face to face business meetings, get involved in networking experiences, and learn from a diverse range of captivating presentations.

View the recording now of iMedia Brand Summit’s diverse range of captivating presentations.

How to Innovate Your Ad-Campaigns July 21, 2021

Turning Insights into Action with the Quantcast Platform. Watch the recording now to learn how to measure your marketing and advertising efforts to understand its effectiveness, while using live campaign data to uncover insights, and innovate faster.

Brand Innovators: Women in Marketing July 8, 2021 | US, Virtual

Elissa Brown, Client Partnerships Director at Quantcast, moderates a livecast on “Women in Marketing” with Jennifer Braunschweiger, Senior Director, Content Marketing at Shutterstock. Watch the recording now.

Brand Innovators: Diversity & Inclusion May 27, 2021 | US, Virtual

Watch Melissa Hsiao, Account Director at Quantcast, moderate a livecast on “Diversity and Inclusion” with Sarah Dziuk, Director, Purpose & Brand Experience at SAP by clicking on the recording.

Quantcast Inside the Quantcast Platform: Planning & Activating your Ad Campaigns May 26, 2021

To deliver an effective customer experience, marketers must first understand their audiences. As customer expectations continue to increase, having a holistic picture of their behaviours is necessary to meet their needs. As a marketer, discovering valuable audience insights – including psychographic, browsing interest and attitudinal data – is vital to elevate marketing strategy and reach audiences at scale to deliver superiorbusiness outcomes. View the recording now for a hands on walkthrough of the platform.

IAB Canada State of the Nation May 26, 2021 | Virtual

Heinz Baumann, Head of Product Management – Privacy and Identity at Quantcast participated in a panel that discussed the role of the Consent Management Platform (CMP). For more information on the IAB State of the Nation, view our blog post on ‘What Marketers Need to Know About the Role of the CMP in Ad Tech.’

Quantcast The Cookie Conundrum: A Recipe for Success May 19 , 2021 | US, Virtual

Watch the recording now of John Furrier and guests discuss the changing landscape of advertising on the open internet, its consequences, and industry-proposed solutions and strategies regarding the deprecation of the third-party cookie.

CMA CMAprivacy May 12, 2021 | Canada, Virtual

Marketers need to be nimble to adapt to changing rules, as Canada ushers in the new Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA) and provinces update their own privacy frameworks. CMAprivacy showcases ways to be part of the solution, helping marketers navigate the changing landscape while showcasing privacy leadership. Visit our blog to learn more.

Quantcast Webinar: Bias in AI May 4, 2021 | US, Virtual

View the recording now of Ingrid Burton, CMO at Quantcast and Patrick Hall, Principal Scientist at as they explore the role of AI, what are explainable and responsible techniques, and how to safeguard against the biases of AI creators themselves.

Brand Innovators Brand Innovators Future of Media Summit: New Media & Emerging Channels April 1, 2021 | US, Virtual

Watch the recording now of Marty Berman, Sales Director at Quantcast, emceeing the “Future of Media Summit”.

Making Sense of the Open Internet Practical Machine Learning for Marketers March 31, 2021 | US, Virtual

Watch the recording now of Dr. Peter Day, Chief Technology Officer at Quantcast, discuss how the coronavirus pandemic has dramatically overturned previously held truths about consumer behaviour and purchasing habits for a wide range of industries.

IAB Canada Webinar Advertising 2021 and beyond: An open internet discussion March 23, 2021 | Canada, Virtual

Watch Sam Gofffried, Senior Manager at Quantcast discuss the complexity of consented audiences and identity in this webinar recording.

SXSW Content or Clickbait: Brand Integrity and Accountability in a Free and Open Internet March 20 | US, Virtual

Somer Simpson, VP of Product Management at Quantcast, talks about “Content or Clickbait: Brand Integrity and Accountability in a Free and Open Internet”. Visit the blog to learn more.

Brand Innovators TrendWatch: Diversity & Inclusion March 19, 2021 | US, Virtual

Watch the recording now of Mimi Estell, Key Account Manager at Quantcast, moderate a fireside chat on “Diversity and Inclusion” with Alexis Kerr, Vice President of the Mahogany Brand at Hallmark Cards and Iman Jefferson, East Coast Communications Lead of Cadillac, GMC and Buick, General Motors.