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Upcoming Events


iMedia iMedia Brands Summit New Zealand 26-28 July | New Zealand

iMedia Brand Summit New Zealand is a unique, unparalleled, invitation-only experience for brands to have face to face business meetings, get involved in networking experiences, and learn from a diverse range of captivating presentations.

Quantcast will have a 25 min presentation.


IAB UK IAB Engaged 2-20 August | UK, Podcast

Headline Sponsor of Engaged: a series of 12 podcasts Quantcast will host one of the podcasts.


iMedia iMedia Online Retail 19-21 August | Australia

An exclusive invitation-only event for leading senior eCommerce professionals of enterprise retail brands. A unique environment where eCommerce meets business networking, thought-leadership presentations, 1:1 meetings and interactive roundtable discussions. 200 selected senior digital product, transformation and marketing professionals from Australia’s leading Enterprise retail brands will embark on 2.5 days to:

  • Unlock new insight and discover new strategies from today’s online retail industry.
  • Gain insight into the latest innovative technologies and best practice.
  • Collaborate with peers in the retail space and build valuable connections.
Quantcast will have a 25 min presentation.


iMedia iMedia Brands Summit Australia 6-8 September | Australia


IAB Canada IAB Canada 21-22 September | Canada, Virtual

The IAB Canada “Business of Digital: eCommerce” event will give an update on e-commerce in Canada and the impact on media.

Quantcast is a platinum sponsor and will present a talk during this event.


CMA CMA Media Thursday, September 30 | Canada, Virtual

CMAmedia brings together agencies, media suppliers and content specialists to cover the latest in media innovation and entertainment. They recognize the increasing and innovative role media plays in the marketing mix and you will hear from the leaders responsible for the selection and placement of breakthrough media programs.

Quantcast is a corporate sponsor and will participate as a panel member.

Previous Events


How to Innovate Your Ad-Campaigns July 21, 2021 at 9 am PDT / 12 pm EDT

Turning Insights into Action with the Quantcast Platform. Learn how to measure your marketing and advertising efforts to understand its effectiveness, while using live campaign data to uncover insights, and innovate faster.


Brand Innovators: Women in Marketing Thursday, July 8 | US, Virtual

Elissa Brown, Client Partnerships Director at Quantcast, will be moderating a livecast on “Women in Marketing” on July 8 at 11:20am ET with Jennifer Braunschweiger, Senior Director, Content Marketing at Shutterstock.


MAD//Fest MAD//Fest 7-8 July | UK, Live

MAD//FEST brings bucketloads of inspiring content and thousands of cherry-picked industry influencers to meet and feast on new ideas, relationships and partnerships. So this event is for you, the people who are carving out the future of marketing, advertising and technology.

Quantcast is a Headline Sponsor with a keynote on the Main Hexagon stage.


Emerce Emerce Conversion Thursday, June 24 | Netherlands, Virtual

EMERCE mission: connecting decision makers in online sales and transactions, to gain insights, tactics and how to’s on maximizing results in conversion rate optimization through video content on current relevant topics.

Quantcast is a silver sponsor and will participate in a table conversation with a client.


Brand Innovators: Diversity & Inclusion Thursday, May 27 | US, Virtual

Melissa Hsiao, Account Director at Quantcast, will be moderating a livecast on “Diversity and Inclusion” on May 27 at 12:40pm ET with Sarah Dziuk, Director, Purpose & Brand Experience at SAP.


IAB Canada State of the Nation Wednesday, May 26, 2021 | Virtual

May 26th at 1:00PM ET – 5:00PM ET

State of the Nation is IAB Canada’s annual digital advertising summit which brings together the community to provide updates on critical industry initiatives, top priorities for the coming year. Heinz Baumann, Head of Product Management – Privacy and Identity at Quantcast will participate in a panel that discusses the role of the Consent Management Platform (CMP).


Programmatic Pioneers Programmatic Pioneers Summit 25-27 May | UK, Virtual

The leading conference brings together programmatic leaders from Europe’s top brands along with key agencies and publishers.

Quantcast is a Headline Sponsor and will present a keynote session.


Quantcast Inside the Quantcast Platform: Planning & Activating your Ad Campaigns MAY 26, 2021 AT 9 AM PDT / 12 PM EDT

To deliver an effective customer experience, marketers must first understand their audiences. As customer expectations continue to increase, having a holistic picture of their behaviours is necessary to meet their needs. As a marketer, discovering valuable audience insights – including psychographic, browsing interest and attitudinal data – is vital to elevate marketing strategy and reach audiences at scale to deliver superior business outcomes.

Join us for a hands on walkthrough of the platform.


Quantcast Webinar: Bias in AI Tuesday, May 4 | US, Virtual

May 4th at 10am PT join Ingrid Burton, CMO at Quantcast and Patrick Hall, Principal Scientist at as they explore the role of AI, what are explainable and responsible techniques, and how to safeguard against the biases of AI creators themselves.


CMA CMAprivacy Wednesday, May 12 | Canada, Virtual

Marketers need to be nimble to adapt to changing rules, as Canada ushers in the new Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA) and provinces update their own privacy frameworks. CMAprivacy showcases ways to be part of the solution, helping marketers navigate the changing landscape while showcasing privacy leadership.

Quantcast is a corporate sponsor and will participate as a panel member.


IAB UK IAB Podcast Thursday, 25 March | UK, Podcast Platforms

“Meet the Founder” podcast with Konrad Feldman, CEO of Quantcast. This IAB Podcast is part of the founder series, in which IAB UK hear from founders across their membership about their personal stories and learn about their journeys in the ad tech space.


Quantcast The Cookie Conundrum: A Recipe for Success Wednesday, May 19 | US, Virtual

May 19th at 9am PDT / 12pm EDT John Furrier and guests will discuss the changing landscape of advertising on the open internet, its consequences, and industry-proposed solutions and strategies regarding the deprecation of the third-party cookie.


Resume The Marketing Department of the Future Tuesday, April 27 | Sweden, Virtual

The Marketing Department of the Future is a digital conference that delves into the marketing department’s future role in the company and how the work should be organized to achieve success.

Quantcast to deliver an expert speaker for the main agenda.


Collision Keynote, Leadership Mentor Session & Masterclass April 20-22 | US/Canada, Virtual

Konrad Feldman, CEO of Quantcast, will be presenting on “Rallying Cry for the Open Internet” on April 20 at 9:05AM PT. Konrad Feldman will also partake in a 1 hour leadership mentor session with 8 startups on April 20 at 9:30AM PT.

Somer Simpson, VP Product Management at Quantcast, will present a Masterclass on “Content or Clickbait? Brand Integrity and Accountability in a Free and Open Internet” on April 21 at 12:30PM PT.


Brand Innovators Brand Innovators Future of Media Summit: New Media & Emerging Channels Thursday, April 1 | US, Virtual

Marty Berman, Sales Director at Quantcast, will be emceeing the “Future of Media Summit” on Thursday, April 1 from 12-4PM ET .


Making Sense of the Open Internet Practical Machine Learning for Marketers Wednesday, March 31 | US, Virtual

Join Dr. Peter Day, Chief Technology Officer at Quantcast, on March 31 at 11AM PT as he discusses how the coronavirus pandemic has dramatically overturned previously held truths about consumer behaviour and purchasing habits for a wide range of industries.


Festival of Marketing Festival of Marketing Thursday, March 25 | UK, Virtual

The Festival of Marketing is a unique virtual experience where ambitious marketers can discover, learn, celebrate and shape the future together. Quantcast to sponsor Festival of Marketing (March edition). Quantcast is an event partner and will present on Day 3 (March 25) at 10:15AM-10:45AM, “Action Required: Future proofing your digital measurement for the post-cookie era”.

The open internet will lose its current basis for campaign measurement and attribution, on which advertisers and publishers alike rely to be able to assess performance and optimise their digital operations. So what will the future of advertising on the open internet look like? How will success be measured? And what actions do advertisers need to take now to ensure they are ready for the change ahead? Quantcast is joined by the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at DFS to explore what factors will need to be considered and why identity solutions, consumer privacy, and first-party data will need to be at the heart of your contingency plans.


IAB Canada Webinar Advertising 2021 and beyond: An open internet discussion Tuesday, March 23 | Canada, Virtual

Join Sam Gofffried, Senior Manager at Quantcast as he discusses the complexity of consented audiences and identity.


Brand Innovators TrendWatch: Diversity & Inclusion Friday, March 19 | US, Virtual

Mimi Estell, Key Account Manager at Quantcast, will be moderating a fireside chat on “Diversity and Inclusion” on March 19 at 12:00pm ET with Alexis Kerr, Vice President of the Mahogany Brand at Hallmark Cards and Iman Jefferson, East Coast Communications Lead of Cadillac, GMC and Buick, General Motors.


SXSW Content or Clickbait: Brand Integrity and Accountability in a Free and Open Internet Friday, March 19 | US, Virtual

Somer Simpson, VP of Product Management at Quantcast, will be presenting “Content or Clickbait: Brand Integrity and Accountability in a Free and Open Internet” broadcasted from the Quantcast booth on March 19 at 12:00PM ET.


Brand Innovators TrendWatch Day 3 Thursday, March 18 | US, Virtual

Leah Jones, Key Account Manager at Quantcast, will be moderating a discussion on “Leading With Cultural Relevance: Inspiring and Connecting with Consumers on a Deeper Level” on March 18th at 10:40AM ET with Nilukshi De Silva, Head of Digital Marketing & Content Strategy, Calvin Klein Fragrances of Coty.


Adexchanger Adexchanger Innovation Lab: Privacy Tuesday, March 16 | US, Virtual

Seth Forman, Head of Platform Partnerships at Quantcast, will be presenting “Consent First, Consumer first: Addressability in the Future.”


Ashton Media Programmatic Summit Thursday, March 11 | Australia

The most comprehensively researched programmatic, ad-tech and digital conference agenda in the region. Learn from the smartest international and local minds about first party data, digital transformation, CTV, digital OOH and winning with programmatic.

Richard Knott, Business Development Director for APAC at Quantcast will be participating on a panel alongside Adobe and The Trade Desk and moderated by the IAB, talking about “The Future of Identity and Re-Architecting Digital Marketing.”


IAB ALM Addressability & Identity- The Center of Everything: A Path to Consumer-First Identity/ Measurement and Attribution-Dealing with AI Bias 8-11 March | US, Virtual

Konrad Feldman, CEO of Quantcast, will be participating in keynote and breakout session to discuss “Addressability & Identity – The Center of Everything: A Path to Consumer-First Identity” on March 9, 1:40-2:20pm ET/ 10:40am-11:20am PT with Shiv Gupta of U of Digital, Mike Peralta of Future Plc and Jen Scheel of Dentsu Media.

Dr. Peter Day, Chief Technology Officer of Quantcast, will be participating in a fireside chat with Patrick Hall,, to discuss “Measurement and Attribution – Dealing with AI Bias” on March 9, 3:30-4:15pm ET/ 12:45-1:45pm PT.


Osservatori INTERNET ADVERTISING: NO COOKIE, NO PARTY? Tuesday, March 9 | Italy, Virtual

Ilaria Zampori, General Manager Italy & Spain, will join the Director of the Osservatorio to discuss the programmatic industry and the impact of a cookieless future in the industry.

In recent years, more and more operators have decided to delete third-party cookies for tracking online users from their browsers. The latest is Google, which has announced its intention to block third-party cookies on Chrome starting in 2022. This decision could lead to the end of the third-party cookie era, generating important consequences for the entire ecosystem. marketing and communication, which in recent years has made extensive use of it.


Quantcast Virtual Nova Wednesday, March 3 | Global, Virtual

The world of advertising is changing even as marketers and publishers are demanding more results, more efficiency, and more reach to find new customers to help their businesses grow. Quantcast and industry experts will discuss the changes underway and explore ideas and solutions for 2021 and beyond.

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