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Heart & Stroke wins the hearts of younger audiences with impactful video ads

About the Brand Heart & Stroke

Heart & Stroke is one of Canada’s largest and most effective health charities, dedicated to advocacy, education, and the funding of research.

Saadia Shaikh Senior Media Planner Neo Media World

“Quantcast’s rich audience data allowed us to pair the right creative with the right audiences, for maximum holiday donations to support Heart & Stroke’s life-saving work. This has been instrumental not only in reaching new, younger donor audiences, but also developing our Q4 marketing strategy.”

Saadia Shaikh
Senior Media Planner,
Neo Media World


Heart & Stroke relies on donations to fund critical advances in heart disease and stroke prevention and recovery. To reach the next generation of donors with emotionally engaging messaging, they partnered with their agency Neo Media World to run a series of video ads that showcased the lifelong battles and need for ongoing research and funding from the perspective of a father, a young woman, and even a baby. They measured campaign success with brand lift, as they aimed to reach a new and younger donor pool with messaging that resonated with them.


Heart & Stroke used the emotional appeal of video as a priming tool for their direct response activity. To help connect this full funnel strategy, they tapped into the power of Brand Lift Live™, Quantcast’s real-time brand lift survey technology, to not only measure awareness lift, but also optimize to two key audiences: Heart & Stroke’s most engaged donor audiences, as well as new, younger donor audiences.


  • Brand Lift. They drove 28% brand lift with their traditional older-skewing age 45-64 audience, as well as a 20% lift with younger age 18-34 audiences.

  • Frequency. They learned that while single exposure drove a 13% increase in brand lift, repeat 3+ video exposure resulted in 33% lift.

  • Creative. They validated that video was an optimal priming tactic, engaging both traditional and younger audiences and helping to inform their strategy for the critical holiday charity season.


  • 20%

    Brand lift with new donor audiences

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