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  Ara® Best-in-Class AI and Machine Learning

Meet Ara,
Our AI and machine learning engine – that autonomously predicts when audiences are ready to buy, bids on the most accurate inventory, and optimizes every campaign dollar.

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1 trillion online

Find audiences who are ready to buy or convert with our DSP that automatically interprets trillions of proprietary, real-time data signals.

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1 billion predictions per

Live data that maps the open web and custom models for every campaign and scores them a billion times per second to determine up-to-the second understanding of audience behavior.

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10K variables per

Optimizes campaign performance, automatically adjusting as consumer behavior changes to optimize every bid and impression.

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Beat campaign goals

2.8x ROAS

44% more conversions per dollar spent

Reduced our CPA by 32%

Ara powers our unique capabilities

Advanced Audience Analytics

Real-time Predictive Modeling

Autonomous Campaign Execution

Advanced Audience Analytics


Hunting for insights is difficult
Crafting compelling audience stories needs granular insights. Today, finding these audience targeting insights involves tedious data manipulation that can take hours.


Custom-built data analytics
Ara uses custom-built data analytics technology that turns huge amounts of data into an insights playground. It queries a database of over a trillion online signals in under 100 milliseconds to ensure an interactive and instantaneous experience.


Interactive, granular insights
Ara eliminates the burden of managing slow-to-load spreadsheets and multi-platform data importing. Instead you get fast access to detailed audience analytics and campaign insights to fuel your experimentation and innovation.

Real-time Predictive Modeling

Hard to capture live intent
Consumer behaviors and interests are ever-changing, and inferring intent based on these is key to effective advertising. Loosely classified data segments don’t capture live behavior or intent.


Machine Learning
Ara uses machine learning to transform unique, real-time data from over 100M+ online destinations into behavioral patterns. Our predictive models react to the most recent events across the internet and are deeply integrated with highly expressive contextual signals from the Ara TopicMap. The models are scored a million times per second for an up-to-sec understanding of audience behavior.


Patterns and predictions
Ara empowers you with consumer behavior patterns and predictions to help you deliver perfectly timed and uniquely relevant advertising.

Autonomous Campaign Execution for Trading Teams


Audience Discovery
Build unique audiences that deliver incremental reach based on real-time behavior, interest, and intent.


Make Every Impression Count
From brand to conversion, cookieless to omnichannel, we score every impression based on audience quality.


Pre-, Mid-, Post-Campaign Reporting
With customized reports and actionable insights, seamlessly measure and fine-tune campaigns and drive business outcomes.


In Real Time
Easily balance campaign KPIs and targeting strategies like viewability, brand safety, or frequency while our AI automatically optimizes impressions to the audiences most ready to convert.

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