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Premier Inn’s success story: cost-effective video reach with CTV and pre-roll ads

About the Brand Premier Inn

Premier Inn is the UK’s largest hotel brand, with more than 83,000 rooms and 840 hotels.


Premier Inn wanted to promote their ‘Rest Easy’ campaign efficiently with an always-on video strategy, ensuring their video ads weren’t limited solely to either CTV or online video environments.


Leveraging Quantcast’s unique real-time measurement insights, Matterkind created profiles of audiences intending to travel, to connect with them across both channels.


They reached this audience with a 50/50 budget split, enabling high completion rates and reach, whilst maintaining a competitive blended CPM.

Highlighted Stats

  • 39% Lower blended CPM vs. goal
  • 89% Blended VTR 11% above goal
  • 62% Better reach than planned in 2022

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