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As a data-driven company, we've become well-known for our Top Ranked Sites list, which by default, ranks top U.S. websites by monthly visitors. Switch countries to get a different perspective. For sites that use Quantcast Measure, you can click through for an in-depth view of their audience data and insights.

How we measure the internet's audience

Unlike most analytics tools that use sample data to extrapolate what users do on a website, Quantcast measures visitors across millions of digital destinations. On top of that, we add third-party data from some of the most trusted sources around and use our proprietary data models to marry it to our own data, making it available to customers through Audience Grid. This means that you get audience insights that more resemble an up-to-the-minute census that’s extremely accurate.

Data Insights

Audience data drives our storytelling as well. The posts below demonstrate what you can learn when you take a closer look at your audience.

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10 70,313,504
13 56,426,004
18 42,644,684
24 32,424,136
25 31,588,318