Quantcast Data Insights Canadian Consumer Interest Post COVID-19

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State of the Nation

COVID-19 had a significant impact on Canadian health with over 88,000 confirmed cases and over 6900 deaths. However, along with the health impacts have been economic repercussions. Canadians have felt the burden across age, gender, and profession.

COVID-19 hit specific industries harder than others. Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, and Retail have seen high unemployment and thus will have a harder time recovering.

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Economic Re-openings by Province and Territory

After months of self-isolation and work from home orders, provinces across Canada took their own phased approaches to reopen the economy, focusing on balancing the need for economic recovery with public health concerns.

In many cases, reopening plans varied by region, with Toronto and Windsor lagging behind the rest of Ontario, as an example provincial governments have instituted bubbles, a cautious way of allowing residents to reconnect with family and friends within a limited circle. Nonetheless, most regions have either set plans for or entered into phase 3 of reopening which allows for some indoor business activity like dining and gyms.

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