CANADA COVID-19 Tool Kit for Brands & Agencies

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A shift in consumer behavior

Quantcast set out to understand the rapidly changing nature of consumer digital media consumption, coinciding with the coronavirus outbreak. What we are seeing in Canada, with no surprise is, home internet usage is up to 60% higher than usual during the day as people work remotely and stream more, up to 20% higher than usual at night1. Internet providers have now lifted usage allowances across the board and streaming services have lowered their video quality to be able to manage. Leaving an opportunity for brands to now be able to build their digital presence more than ever.

As consumer behavior continues to shift, there is an opportunity for brands to boost engagement with customers through digital channels.

Canada Brands & Agencies Toolkit chart trending

E-commerce, Retail, and CPG

Curbed store visits from social distancing regulations have increased online shopping.

Still trending
Interest in healthy eating and cooking has not only remained high after Candians made new year resolutions, but it has significantly increased as the coronavirus threat grew more intense. Meanwhile, wine interest has remained steady with only a slight decrease in recent weeks.

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