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Kids and Their Memes… Or Not?

Maybe you’re sick of them already or maybe you’re not, but if you thought it was Gen Z-ers engaging with the images of Bernie Sanders sitting on a folding chair running through your head as you fall asleep, you’d be mistaken.

According to Quantcast Audience Planner, it was actually the 30-54 age group (Gen X and older Millennials) that over-indexed in engaging with Bernie memes, with the 18-24 (Gen Z) demographic substantially sitting this one out.

The Future Inauguration is Female

Looking at online browsing trends for content related to the term “inauguration”, we learned that in the weeklong lead-up to the inauguration, males over-indexed with engagement with a 50/50 male/female split.

However, during inauguration week, that balance flipped. US-based females registered a whopping 106 index for “inauguration” related digital content while males shrunk down to a 94 index, shifting this composition to 55% female.

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