Gaming Industry Insights How COVID-19 has impacted the Gaming Industry

Sales and player activity smash records in the time of COVID-19

With people staying at home, live sports cancelled, and limited entertainment options, the Gaming industry is thriving. In a time when in-person socializing and travel aren’t possible, video games present an opportunity to connect with an online community and escape to virtual worlds. It’s no surprise that Gaming sales and player activity are surging.

By examining Quantcast’s first-party data set, we took a closer look at how Gaming audiences are changing in the time of COVID-19.

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Games released during COVID-19 see more fan activity post-launch than previous installments

When a highly anticipated game launches, an uptick in online activity surrounding the game is to be expected. But could COVID-19 quarantines have played a role in increased anticipation and fan activity surrounding Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Quantcast found that the prior release in this beloved role-playing game franchise, Final Fantasy XV generated a 130% uptick in online fan activity when it was released four years ago. However, Final Fantasy VII Remake, which was released when most of the U.S. was under stay-at-home orders, witnessed a 157% increase in fan activity online.

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