Data Insights Valentine’s Day Insights

Consumer attitudes & spending trends UK consumers are looking to celebrate the small things

We expect to see an increase in participation for Valentine’s Day gifting in 2021 as lockdown fatigue sets in across the country and the British public observe events they may not usually celebrate as an excuse for a sense of occasion.

In 2020, 33% of those who spent money on a gift or activity for Valentine’s Day, spent money on someone other than their partner. We expect to see this number increase as consumers will purchase a Valentine’s Day gift to lift isolating friends’ spirits, or brighten a distanced parent’s day.

Last minute gifting from essential stores only

Essential retail should also seize the opportunity to highlight their promotional offerings and meal deals. Their discounted deals will appeal to those who would prefer to celebrate on a budget and more premium offers will appeal to those willing to spend a little more on special occasions through lockdown.

We also expect restaurants offering ready-made meal kits will be well-positioned this Valentine’s Day as they pivot their business model in the pandemic environment.

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