The Real-time Pulse of Changing US Consumer Behavior COVID-19’s Impact on the Financial Services Industry


Quantcast Insights on the first 15 Weeks of COVID-19

The world has changed. On January 20, the US reported its first case of COVID-19, eventually ushering in an era of stay at home orders and social distancing. We wanted to take a moment to reflect on the first fifteen weeks of the pandemic and reinforce the power of audience insights to inform smart marketing strategies.

  • What are we learning about consumers and their changing habits?
  • Which behaviors are fleeting and which will last?
  • How will widespread access to high quality real-time audience intelligence help marketers embrace a culture of innovation?

By tapping into Quantcast’s live data set with our Audiences application, we can explore the dynamic evolution of changing consumer behaviors.

Real-Time Pulse

The Road to Recovery Vegas Bookings are up

As a city so dependent on travel, Las Vegas has been hard hit. Bookings dropped almost 90% by April. But recent bookings have since recovered to pre-COVID levels as the hotels, casinos, and restaurants advertise their reopening.

But even with this newfound hope, comes uncertainty. With the surge of cases in the last few weeks, consumer confidence will change yet again, making live data that captures these audience changes even more critical.

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