Dining Industry Insights Examining Shifts in Consumer Dining Behavior & Impact on Food Delivery Services

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Online food ordering has spiked despite consumers’ initial hesitations

As expected, online QSR orders have grown significantly as a result of consumers sheltering-in-place across the country. Pizza chains stand out in particular as having large increases in orders compared to earlier in the year.

Interestingly however, QSR and pizza chains both saw an initial drop in volume on March 12, one day after the World Health Organization characterized the outbreak as a global pandemic.

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Device traffic trends show a surprising shift to desktop ordering

We’ve noticed a significant shift in device preference since mid March, possibly driven by the new ‘work from home’ reality. When we compared web traffic for restaurant sites before and after the outbreak, more than half of site visitors are now coming from desktop and laptops vs. mobile. While many are still ordering through mobile apps, many are browsing the web, exploring new restaurant options and placing orders on their laptops.

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