Retail Insights Retail sites are seeing sizeable shifts in audience affluence

Examining shifts in online retail audience behavior during COVID-19

Retail is among the many industries in the US experiencing significant shifts in buying behavior due to COVID-19. Roughly 75% of US consumers who responded to a February poll said they would steer away from shopping centers altogether due to growing concerns around the coronavirus. Unsurprisingly, March saw a drop in US retail sales by 4.4%. Since shoppers are avoiding in-store visits and many retailers have had to close their physical locations completely, we are seeing an uptick in retail site traffic as more consumers take their shopping online.

In this COVID-19 vertical deep dive, Quantcast explores the shifting audiences within two primary categories of online retail: Fashion and Home Goods.

Fashion Buyers

One takeaway we notice for Fashion sites is that buying a Spring wardrobe does not appear to be top-of-mind for New Yorkers compared to before the outbreak. While the Midwest has been hit with not only quarantines but also a chilly Spring, those in the Southeast and Southwest are moving ahead with sprucing up their warm weather clothing.

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