Grocery Industry Insights Online Grocery site visitors are becoming more affluent

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The Grocery Retail vertical has seen dramatic growth since the outbreak of COVID‑19.

US consumers are cooking more meals at home, driving up grocery demand. In fact, while other retail categories have seen sharp declines, the growth in food and beverage store sales from February to March 2020 was 26% higher than the same period last year.

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Specialty Grocery has gone from being the dark horse to the front runner

After normalizing the data to directly compare traffic trends, we can see how these two categories of online grocery have behaved differently since exceeding their baseline page view levels in mid-March. Super-market page views were the first to surpass their year-to-date benchmark on March 16th. However, their rate of growth was soon surpassed by the Specialty Grocery category, which saw a steep increase starting in early April.

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