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Australia and New Zealand Holiday Retail and E‑Commerce Trends A look at patterns, preferences, and buying predictions for post-pandemic festive shoppers

The post-pandemic festive shopper Will festive shopping go back to the way it was? Or are the shifts we saw in a lockdown world likely to remain?

COVID-19 caused a major shift in retail, changing consumer attitudes, behaviour, and spending. As the industry recovers, it’s more important than ever for retailers to understand and adapt to these evolving consumer shopping behaviours.

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Retail and E-Commerce Trends
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Festive Gifting in ANZ
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Key Promotional Periods
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A recap of key holiday buying trends in 2020

  1. Retail as a growth category, despite the pandemic

  2. E-commerce with a new wave of long-term customers

  3. A new breed of younger, less affluent consumers in market

  4. The rise of flexible buying options, such as Buy Now, Pay Later

  5. Holiday gift shopping centred around family

  6. Last-minute buying on the up

Consumer spending is fluctuating more than ever The COVID-19 pandemic is changing spending habits. Disposable income dipped in 2021, but consumption is positive after huge savings were observed amongst Australians towards the end of 2020.

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E-commerce is growing at a rapid pace

Stay-at-home measures throughout the pandemic have driven consumers to purchase more online, in higher volumes and larger values. In Australia, digital buying has become even more prevalent in 2021, with the e-commerce sector expected to soar even higher in coming years.

  • 26.9%

    Year-on-year growth in Australian online shopping during the 2021 financial year

  • 5.6 mil

    Australian households purchased online 5.6 in July 2021, up 4.9% month-on-month

  • 52.1 bil

    Spent on online goods in 2021, 52.1 up 30.8% from 2020

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