APAC Automotive Insights 2021 Consumer Purchasing Preferences and Digital Patterns in Automotive Buyers Today

While the road to post-COVID recovery in APAC is still largely being mapped out, it’s more crucial than ever for automotive brands and retailers to understand and quickly adapt to evolving shifts in consumer shopping behaviour as the industry recovers.

Quantcast analysed industry research and thousands of indexed data points across Asia Pacific, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Thailand, to better understand how the automotive industry is recovering post-pandemic and what emerging trends are influencing vehicle buying behaviour in 2021.

Check out key insights and actionable takeaways on:
The trends driving recovery for car sales in APAC
Audience patterns and preferences of today’s driver
Key conversion points across automotive websites
How top-selling vehicles are ranked and browsed against competing models

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