Australia & New Zealand Travel Insights Impact of COVID-19 on the Australian & New Zealand Travel Industry

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Examining how COVID‑19 is changing the travel industry

There’s no question that travel has been one of the hardest hit verticals during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the timing of a recovery remains unknown, we are beginning to see some hopeful indicators for the travel industry. Although traditional holiday plans may seem too risky for some, many consumers are getting creative and finding new ways to travel that don’t require them to abandon the new social distancing guidelines. Moreover, businesses have already started to modify their policies to provide safer services and accommodations.

Quantcast analysed thousands of airline, car rental, hotel, and destination (attractions, galleries, and historical landmarks) bookings in Australia and New Zealand from March to July to better understand how travel audiences are changing in the time of COVID-19. It’s now more important than ever for travel companies to understand and quickly adapt to evolving shifts in online consumer behaviour.

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Travel industry on the uncertain road to recovery

Australia and New Zealand travel bookings saw sharp declines in mid-March, reaching their lowest point during the week of April 5th, but have been slowly rebounding ever since.

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