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What do dog and cat owners look like now?

Pet People. What do dog and cat owners look like now?

Spending more time at home than ever before, our furry friends are a source of happiness. Pet ownership is on the rise, increasing 4% in 2020 to nearly 71 million households1. There is a unique opportunity for pet brands to drive consideration and brand loyalty with the next generation of customers.

Based on Quantcast’s observation of thousands of content consumption signals across the open web, we looked at the browsing interests of “cat people” and “dog people” to better understand these audiences and help you craft messaging that resonates.

  1. 68 Million U.S. Households Have Pets, Expect 4% Growth in 2020, August 27, 2020

Dog Comfort Connections

Looking at keywords related to content consumed by dog people, we see they are heavily in favor of new pets. Their interests include “local “dog adoption”, “puppies for sale”, “breeders”, and “loving home”. There also appears to be interested in charitable organizations for adoption, as they are browsing content related to “dog rescues”, “non-profit helping”, and “save a life”.

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