It’s college admissions season, a time when high school seniors demonstrate their academic excellence, humanitarianism and varsity level athleticism to prospective colleges – all in 500 words or less. In an age where 8 year olds build mobile apps at summer camp and private college advisers are paid thousands by parents, competition has never been tougher. Even Obama took notice of the pressure to choose the right school and released a college scorecard to help students use data to inform school decisions.

We thought we’d take the data one step further and create an occupation report card that allows students to see how their favorite subjects resonate with people currently employed in different occupations. Using data from V12 Group Digital – profession data covering 130 million US users –  and Quantcast Audience Grid, we examined what online content (subject) different occupations were more likely to read. Dark blue in the table represents an occupations’ higher interest in a subject compared to other occupations we examined, light blue lower interest.

From the report card we see Researchers are the most curious minds and have an interest in every subject. Finance professions love Finance and don’t show interest in Tech while IT folks are the exact opposite – into Tech and not Finance (or English). Salespeople tend to be more competitive, showing the highest interest in Phys Ed and little interest in everything else. Human Resources like the liberal arts – History and English while Marketers show very high interest in English and low affinity toward Phys Ed.


Recent high school graduates have entered the first of many adult decisions – choosing the right college, picking a major and ultimately finding a career. We hope the scorecard can provide a glimpse into post-graduate life and the interests within different occupations. After all, recent studies have found befriending co-workers is equivalent to making $100k or more a year.

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V12 Group

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Posted by Lauren Young, Data Insights Research Manager at Quantcast.