Texas has the largest number of delegates up for grabs on Super Tuesday. Ted Cruz faces a must-win situation in his home state in order to continue pursuing the Republican nomination. In anticipation of the primary, we took a look at the top 100 search terms that were used for Trump, Rubio and Cruz along with their names. Excluding terms that only included a candidate’s name, we categorized each of the words into one of seven categories.

top republican candidate search terms in texas

  1. Campaign – words associated with anything related to politics or the campaign, including polls, platforms, primary/caucus wins and debates
  2. News – search terms that only included a candidate’s name and the word news
  3. Family – words relating to familial relationships, including wife, daughter, mother and father
  4. Other candidates – inclusion of any other presidential candidate’s name
  5. Religion – words that related to religion
  6. Birthplace – anything around citizenship, like birth, born or citizen
  7. Other – search terms that only pertained to one of the candidates

Curiosity Around Trump’s Campaign
Trump’s highest proportion of search terms was campaign related. Perhaps it’s his runaway success in the most recent state primaries or interest in how he will make America great again, but nonetheless, he was the only candidate to have a majority of search terms fall into the campaign category. Doubt around his citizenship was non-existent – he was the only candidate to not have any search words related to his birthplace. Religion – usually another hot topic for candidates – also didn’t garner much interest in Texans’ searches.

Interest in Rubio’s Personal Life
Rubio’s highest percent of search terms fell into the “Other” bucket, driven by searches for his picture and other intimate details. Interest in Rubio’s personal life ran high; of the candidates, he had the highest percent of searches related to his family and religion.

Cruz’s Competition
Cruz’s most popular search terms included other candidates’ names. Searches were high regarding Cruz’s claim that Ben Carson was out of the race, along with Trump’s vulgar language toward Cruz. Interest around Cruz’s birthplace was the highest of the candidates – another area Trump has called into question.

Each of the candidates had strong interest in different areas – Trump with campaign-heavy words, Rubio with more personal matters and Cruz’s constant inclusion with other candidates. As Texas heads to the polls, the vote can go either way.
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