Not everyone has the luxury of building from scratch a new, disruptive business model that melds offline and online experiences to expand wallet share. For most marketing departments, leveraging big data in an actionable way is a slow process of harnessing an ever-growing stack of technology and partners into a system that seamlessly informs every prospect interaction. And usually, the project is in the very beginning stages. Luckily, we recently held a webinar with Brian Hopkins of Forrester Research and Chris Richardson of iProspect to share how to put big data to work for your business.
Top takeaways:

  • Better understand your audience with free measurement tools like Quantcast Measure for information on your site visitors’ browsing and TV habits along with demographics and interests
  • Learn how additional audience data can help marketers hone in on high value customer characteristics and increase recurring revenue
  • Take the next step for marketers is matching your online and offline data; how is your business handling pairing unidentified prospects with known information? What about your partners?
  • Learn how Royal Caribbean used data to support a more accurate customer profile and more efficient media strategy

Watch the webinar recording below and check in on your progress toward a “total interaction management” network:

Interested in learning more about Quantcast Measure? You can learn more here.