ON-DEMAND WEBINAR The Measurement Mindgame


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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR The Measurement Mindgame

Proper measurement is key to a digital campaign’s success. However, misaligned goals result in gamification, with display partners employing tactics that produce strong numbers but not strong results. This includes aggressive retargeting to get the last touch credit and spending client budget to benefit the partner. Please join Tia Denny (Director of Field Sales, Quantcast) as she discusses the “measurement mindgame” with Rohini Sen (Global Head of Audience Intelligence & Measurement) and Franni Segal (Sr. Measurement Strategy Lead) in this on-demand webinar.
They’ll discuss:
Common ways vendors game measurement to push results in their favor
Ad effectiveness tools to discourage this gaming of the system
How Quantcast can help set up the right attribution and measurement methodologies to incentivize the right behavior


Franni Segal Sr. Measurement Strategy Lead
Rohini Sen Global Head of Audience Intelligence & Measurement
Tia Denny
Tia Denny Director of Field Sales