On-Demand Webinar The Strategy Behind Your Creatives

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On-demand Webinar The Strategy Behind Your Creatives

Have you ever seen an ad and wondered to yourself: what is this trying to tell me? What is the brand? What does this brand even do? As marketers, we understand the importance of placing an ad in front of the right audience, but not enough attention gets paid to the strength of the creative and whether it aligns with the goal of the advertiser.

Join Aderize Inc.’s CEO, Stuart Bosley, and Quantcast’s Sr. Measurement Strategy Lead, Franni Segal, for an in-depth conversation on the multiple components for a successful ad campaign, from audience and placement to strong creatives.

You’ll learn:

Steps to building better digital creatives

How to align creative messaging with campaign objectives

The do’s and don’ts for your creatives

The different funnel stages of your creatives


Ryan Richardson
HOST Ryan Richardson Senior Account Executive, Quantcast
Stuart Bodley
Speaker Stuart Bosley Chief Executive Officer, Aderize Inc.
Speaker Franni Segal Sr. Measurement Strategy Lead, Quantcast